Motorized Blinds

With your coffee pot automatically brewing your morning beverage when you awaken each day and your television reminding you of your favorite TV show, shouldn’t your blinds do more than open and close?

Motorized blinds function just like traditional window blinds, but add value through their motorized capabilities.


Because motorized blinds are cordless, they offer maximum safety potential for families with children and pets. Window treatments with cords can be dangerous to young children and pets, even when safety measures are in place. The corded system poses a suffocation hazard, particularly those that loop along the bottom. Children and pets could become entangled in the cord and are at risk of injury.

Motorized window treatments, however, lack cords since they do not need to be manually drawn or closed, making them one of the safest window covering options available on the market.

Energy Efficiency

Motorized window treatments boost your home’s energy efficiency through both insulation and light control.

Using the remote, you can easily adjust your blinds for maximum light exposure from the comfort of your couch. Rather than turning on the lamp beside you, you’ll experience the pleasure of natural sunlight and safe energy costs associated with electric lights.

Sunlight can also warm your home during cool winter months during the days. At night, closing the blinds will insulate the windows, preventing cold air from entering the room. During the summer, you can close the blinds during daylight hours to block out heat. Setting your blinds on a timer can ensure that you make the most of these energy saving options.

Furniture Protection

Constant exposure to the sun can cause damage to your furniture and belongings. Sun damage results in fading, discoloration, and an eventual deterioration in the quality of the material.

Motorized blinds allow individuals to protect their home and valuables by offering the ability to determine how much sun enters a room and when. Since the window treatments are on a timer, you don’t have to remember to go and adjust the blinds each day.

Home Security

The benefit of motorized blinds extends beyond convenience. With an automated timer, you can set your blinds to open and close throughout the day at any given time, even if you aren’t home. This function gives the impression that you are sitting in your living room, when you are actually on a beach in Acapulco. The movement of the blinds is a proven deterrent to potential criminals, particularly when paired with automated lights and even a smart TV that turns on for the 6:00 news, just like a typical evening at your home.

Better Sleep

Falling asleep with the street lights shining in your face is not easy, and no one likes waking up to the blaring alarm each weekday morning. Motorized blinds can help with both of these sleep-related issues.

Like traditional window treatments, motorized blinds are available with light-blocking capabilities. You can close your blinds from your bed if you forgot to before lying down, so the neighbor’s flickering TV screen doesn’t flash into your room or cars driving down the long, winding street outside your house don’t shine headlights into your room.

Set your motorized window blinds to open slowly about fifteen to thirty minutes before you awaken. You’ll experience a natural adjustment to the bright dawn and wake up gradually rather than jarringly, like when you wake to a jolting alarm.

Smart Home Integration

Managing your smart home isn’t just about turning each individual device on and off, but rather about merging functions of multiple devices to work seamlessly in conjunction with each other. Smart home integration means automating your motorized blinds to close at dusk, your outside lights turn on, and your favorite music begins playing just in time for you to return from work. It means automatically adjusting your home to suit your needs without any repetitive action on your part.

Control Options

You’ll be more than happy to install motorized blinds as part of your interior design theme. Along with the above benefits, you’ll have the option of controlling your blinds through four ways:

● Wireless wall switches

● Remotes

● Smartphone apps

● AI Integration with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant

Motorized window blinds are safe, convenient, and a stunning addition to any room. They offer a wide array of functionality all wrapped up in beautiful designs that can be customized to match any room

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